50 Years of NHK Television

Chronology of NHK Programs 1990-1994

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History Emperor enthroned
German reunification
Economic bubble bursts
Gulf War
Soviet Union breaks up
Mt. Unzen erupts
Sagawa Kyubin Scandal
War in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Barcelona Olympics
Albertville Winter Olympics
AIDS campaign
Wedding of Crown Prince
First non-LDP govt. in
38 years
Hokkaido Earthquake
China Airlines crash in Nagoya
Sarin murders in Nagano Pref
Broadcasting History   Live war coverage Mohri Mamoru conducts lesson from space shuttle Japan Professional Soccer League (J. League) Hi-Vision test broadcasting
1990 91 92 93 94
Special programs Socialism in the 20th Century
A Galactic Odyssey
7 Days in Romania
Semiconductor Giants
How Did Television Present the War?
The Pacific War
The Space Age
Prado Museum
The Universe Within II: Brain and Mind
Planet of Life
Fifty Postwar Years: Japan As It Was
News and current affairs programs, documentaries NHK News 21
Commentator's Room
NHK Midnight Journal
Emperor's enthronement live
Weekend Sports
Japan Travelogue
Viewpoint Commentary
  Today's Close-up
NHK News: Good Morning Japan
NHK News 7
NHK News 9
NHK News 11
Sunday Debate
Weekly News for Children
Variety and
lifestyle programs
  Good Afternoon Japan!
Science Variety: Let's Compare
TV Counseling
Living Journal


Questions of the Japanese
Fashionable Living
Two Stars/NHK Song Concert
Pop Jam

Iron Chef (Fuji TV)
Rivals in Japanese History
Human Map

Weekly Volunteer
Morning Drama serials

No. 44 Rinrinto
No. 45 Kyo, Futari

No. 46 Your Name No. 47 A Woman's Courage
No. 48 Hirari
No. 49 Eenyobo
No. 50 Karin
No. 51 Piano
No. 52 Come Spring (Part One)
Annual Historical Dramas No. 28 As If Leaping No. 29 Taiheiki No. 30 Nobunaga No. 31 Ryukyu Wind
No. 32 Burning Fire
No. 53 Hana-no-Ran
Dramas The World is Full of Bad People (TBS) Little House on the Prairie (new series)
Tokyo Love Story (Fuji TV)
101st Proposal (Fuji TV)
The Sensitive Samurai
I Always Loved You (TBS)
Just the Way You Are (Fuji TV)
New Galaxy Drama
Under One Roof (Fuji TV)
Detective Furuhata Ninzaburo (Fuji TV)
Educational and cultural programs, children's programs Today's News for the Hearing Impaired
NHK Seminar—Modern Journal
Italian Lessons
Nadia of the Sea
Watch Me!
Hobby Encyclopedia
Japanese Lessons
NHK Public University
NHK Education Seminar
ETV Special
Whiz-kids TV
Ninja Boys
Satellite, Hi-Vision BS Young Battle Pop-Up Gourd Island revived BS55 News Bulletin
BS Sunday Sports
Sentimental World Travelogue
BS Youth TV: Time Travel
BS News 50
Beverly Hills, 90210
100 Beautiful Mountains of Japan
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