50 Years of NHK Television

chronology of NHK Programs 1985-1989

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History JAL jumbo jet crashes in Gunma Pref.
Toyota Shoji scam
Tsukuba Science Expo
Tokyo Summit
New Philippines government
Mt. Mihara erupts
Japan National Railways privatization
Wall Street crash
Emperor's last illness
Recruit Scandal
Seto-Ohashi Bridge
Seoul Olympics
Heisei era begins
Fall of Berlin Wall
Tiananmen Square
Misora Hibari dies
Broadcasting History More local programming in evening   30 million color TV sets New NHK News Center Full-scale satellite broadcasting
NHK Special
1985 86 87 88 89
Special programs The Louvre Museum
That Day in Japan, 1995
Japan in the World
The Yellow River
Document Showa
The Miracle Planet
Who Does the Land Belong to?
The Silk Road of the Sea
Battle of Ideas: Robocon

Regular NHK Special
The Universe Within: The Human Body
The Arctic
Orsay Museum
News and current affairs programs, documentaries Early Rise Japan
Sunday Economics
News Station (TV Asahi, 1985-)
Results of simultaneous elections
Halley’s Comet broadcast
  Morning Wide (-1993)
Evening Network (-1997)
News Today/Commentary
NHK Economics Magazine
Variety and
lifestyle programs
30,000 km Voyage around Japan (-1988)
Historical Documentary
Variety Daily Laughter Encyclopedia (1985-)
That’s Music
Try & Try
Journey to National Treasures
NHK Pops Stage
Young Studio 101 (-1988)
Music Station (TV Asahi, 86-)

Everything's a Wonderland

Quiz Perfect score (-1994)
Science Q
One-Point Relay: Creation
Pops Parade/Traditional Performing Arts Theater
Just Pop Up
History is Born
The Global Family
Ring of the Niebelung (Munich)
Morning Drama serials No. 34 Mio-tsukushi
No. 35 First Drum
No. 36 Hanekonma
No. 37 Wind in the Capital
No. 38 Chotchan
No. 39 Hassai-sensei
No. 40 Non-chan's Dream
No. 41 Jun-chan's Cheer Song
No. 42 A Young Family
No. 43 Wakko's Gold Medal
Annual Historical Dramas No. 23 Spring Waves No. 24 Life No. 25 Masamune,
One-eyed Dragon

Masamune, One-eyed Dragon

No. 26 Takeda Shingen No. 27 Kasugano-Tsubone
Dramas Sanada Taiheiki
Takeshi's Home Run
Hanahenro: Diaries of Showa Pilgrims
Bearing Winter
Shirt Shop
Father’s Letter of Apology
This Autumn Morning Wings Please
Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Drama 10 series
Educational and cultural programs, children's programs With Mother moved to ETV
Human Family
Business Seminar
Agriculture Seminar
Fishing Seminar
Saturday Club (-1990)
Pico Pico Pon
Sesame Street revived
Today's Health moved to ETV
Industry Seminar
Blue Brink
        Satellite, Hi-Vision  Satellite Hi-Vision broadcasting
Satellite Movie Marathon 365
Satellite Animation Theater
Satellite Movie Theater
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