50 Years of NHK Television

Chronology of NHK Programs 1980-1984

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History Simultaneous Lower and Upper House elections: LDP wins
Japan boycotts Moscow Olympics
Iran-Iraq War
47 "war orphans" from China visit Japan
School violence in spotlight
Falklands War
JAL jet crashes in Tokyo Bay
KAL jet shot down
Miyakejima erupts
Benigno Aquino assassinated

Glico-Morinaga Incident
Los Angeles Olympics
Controversial homicide case in Los Angeles

Broadcasting History The Silk Road series
CNN starts
HDTV demonstrated overseas
University of the Air
Multiplex broadcasting
NHK color TV contracts reach 30 million/1-inch VTR
NHK uses AMeDAS network
NHK teletext
30th anniversary of TV in Japan
Test broadcasting on BS-1
1980 81 82 83 84
Special programs The Silk Road
(-1981, Japan-China)
War Orphans: Search for Relatives
The Japanese Condition
Quintuplets: Age Six The Silk Road II: The Road to Rome Warning for the 21st Century
The World after Nuclear War
News and current affairs programs, documentaries NHK News Wide (-1988)
International Weekly
News Weekly
News Center Special: What Happened in the Cockpit?
News Center 6:30
Saturday Report
Economics Seminar (-1991)
Economic Journal
Short Journey in and around the Metropolitan Area
Today's Focus
Short Journey through the Kanto-Koshin District
Variety and
lifestyle programs
Morning Plaza (-1984) Quiz Omoshiro Seminar (-1988)
NHK Pop Concert Hall (-1986)
Visit and Interview
Go Ahead and Laugh! (Fuji TV, -1982)
Close Up
Spoon-size Granny
Cooking for Men
Morning Journal (-1991)
How are You?
Tetsuko and the Whimsical Concerto
Morning Drama serials

No. 25 Nat-chan's Photo Studio
No. 26 Weaving the Rainbow

No. 27 Mansaku Flower
No. 28 It'll be Fine Today
No. 29 Haikara-san
No. 30 One, Two, and Go
No. 31 Oshin No. 32 Romance
No. 33 The Heart is Always the Color of Lemonade
Annual Historical Dramas No. 18 The Age of Lions No. 19 Onna Taikoki No. 20 Toge-no-Gunzo No. 21 Tokugawa Ieyasu No. 22 Burning Mountains and Rivers
Dramas Alpha & Omega
The Kingfisher Inn
The Trading Company
Glass Rabbit/The Four Seasons
Yumechiyo's Diary (-1990)
Violins of the River Po: A Sound of Italy
From the Northern Country
(Fuji TV, -2002)
Do You Know Vigo?
If We Stay Long
A Mixed Bunch of Apples
(TBS, -1991)
Crushing the Building Blocks (TBS)
New Yumechiyo’s Diary
Educational and cultural programs, children's programs NHK Symphony Hour
Fit as a Fiddle
The Wonderful Adventures of Nils
Hobby Course (-1990) Childrearing Calendar NHK Citizen's University(-1991)
You!/Best Golf/Introduction to PCs
NHK Cultural Seminar
The Spiritual Age
Romance of the Three Kingdoms
Beautiful Gardens Korean Lessons
Welfare in the Future
Silver Seat
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