50 Years of NHK Television

Chronology of NHK Programs 1960-1964

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History Ratification of US-Japan Security Treaty
Socialist Party chairman assassinated
Gagarin first man in space
Polio epidemic
Cuban missile crisis Kennedy assassination
Yoshinobu kidnapping
Tokyo Olympics
Tokaido Shinkansen
Niigata Earthquake
Tonkin Gulf Incident
Broadcasting History Full-scale color TV broadcasting
NHK cuts violent scenes
Morning Drama serials NHK broadcasts all day on General TV/Number of TV sets in Japan reaches 10 million Live Japan-US satellite TV link
Annual Historical Drama
Satellite relay of Tokyo Olympics to North America and Europe
1960 61 62 63 64
Special programs Expressions of the Times
From Our Foreign Correspondent
Speaking with the Prime Minister (NHK designated an organization with responsibility for disaster-related information) Candidate profiles for the Lower House election Live coverage of Tokyo Olympics
News and current affairs programs, documentaries Today's News (-1972)
NHK's Overseas General Service (radio) in English and Japanese

NHK launches polio eradication campaign
Traveling across Japan


Travels across Japan Part Two
Modern Day History (-1964)

Traveling around Japan (-1982)
Economic Outlook

Traveling around Japan

Images of Contemporary Society
NHK Foreign Correspondent's Report (-1978)
A Life (-1971)
Variety and
lifestyle programs
That's Me
The Gray Series
Living Room Science
Nature Album
Go and Shogi Hints
Dreamtime Rendez-vous (-1966)
Knowledgeable Professor (-1966)
The Magic Carpet
Shabondama Holiday (NTV, -1969)
Culture Special (-1978)
The Sharps and Flats (-1970)
NHK Cup Shogi Tournament
NHK Cup Go Tournament
Piano Lessons
Violin Lessons
Nationwide School Music Contest

(Highest ever viewing rating of 81.4% achieved by 14th Red & White Year-end Song Festival)
Melodies for You (-1985)
Farming Today

Variety and  lifestyle programs

Pops Grand Stage (-1968)
Pops Merry-go-round (-1968)
NHK Concert Hall
Pop-Up Gourd Island

  Morning Drama serials  No. 1
Daughter and I

Daughter and I
No. 2 Tomorrow's Wind No. 3 Akatsuki No. 4 Uzushio
      Annual Historical Dramas  No. 1 A Flamboyant Life No. 2 Ako-Roshi
Dramas Mama and Us (first color drama) Youthful Season (-1966)
TV Reserved Seat
The Seven Detectives (TBS,-1969)
The Defenders
Ben Casey (TBS, -1964)
Hozenji Yokocho/The Three Samurai (Fuji TV, -1969) Designing the Rainbow
Educational and cultural programs, children's programs The Three Little Pigs (-1966)
NHK Youth Opinion Contest

The Three Little Pigs

Song for Everyone
Picture Book of Songs (-1981)
TV School for the Hearing Impaired (-1981)
Jiro, a Junior High School Student
Young People's Plaza (-1982)
Religion Hour
Senior High School Correspondence Course
Science for Everyone (-1980)
Junior High School Days (-1966)
We're in Our Teens
Astro Boy (Fuji TV, -1966)

Pop-Up Gourd Island (-1969)
Fun in the Classroom

Pop-Up Gourd Island
© Hitomiza/Inoue Hisashi/Yamamoto Morihisa

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