50 Years of NHK Television

Chronology of NHK Programs 1955-1959

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History Liberal Democratic Party formed Socialist unification Japan admitted to United Nations
Japan-Soviet joint declaration
Showa Base constructed in Antarctic
Soviet satellite launched
Tokyo Tower/10,000 yen bill
"Three sacred treasures": washing machine, refrigerator and television
Crown Prince Akihito (present Emperor) marries Shoda Michiko
Ise Bay Typhoon
Broadcasting History   NHK Broadcasting Museum NHK breakfast broadcasting NHK TV reception contracts reach one million NHK Educational TV begins
Major revision of broadcast law
1955 56 57 58 59
Special programs NHK broadcasts Lower House election results as they are announced (Output of regular daily broadcasts reaches 5 h 40 min on Jun 4) Regular broadcasts of Political Debate Results as they happen in 28th Lower House election Crown Prince's wedding live
Relay from Meteorological Agency during Ise Bay Typhoon (with subtitling for news)
News and current affairs programs, documentaries

Introduction of subtitling, used in news from 1956

Song Plaza
The Golden Chair
Danger Signal

Morning News
Japan Unveiled (-1964)
Current Affairs Discussion (TBS,

Window on the News
Five station relay Spring in the Japanese Archipelago
Local news broadcast (7 pm and 10 pm)
Overseas Report (-1978): The African Continent (first program with overseas coverage)
Variety and
lifestyle programs
Quiz Personal Secrets (-1967)

The hugely popular NHK Amateur Singing Contest
The hugely popular NHK Amateur Singing Contest

The Comic Trio (-1966)
NHK invites Italian opera company to Japan
Today's Recipe
Family Health
Household Wisdom (-1971)
TV Calisthenics
Japan's Performing Arts (-1966)
Quiz I'm the Only One Who Knows
People, Time, Places
Osaka Comedy Theater
Amazing Encyclopedia
Gardening Tips
Dad's Season
Women's Encyclopedia (-1993)
Dedicated to the Job
Japan's Traditions
New Year Opera Concert
One Hundred and One Stars (Fuji TV, -1981)
Kanetaka Kaoru's World Travelogue (TBS, -1990)
Entertainment for the family
TV was a fresh source of entertainment in the living room. It added a new dimension of pleasure to everyday life.
Dramas Pursuit (first TV drama to win prize at National Arts Festival) At the Last Moment
Highway Patrol (US TV series)
I Love Lucy (-1960) Backstreet Alley (-1963)
News Reporter (-1966)
I Want to Be a Shell (TBS)
Japanese Eclipse
Rawhide (TV Asahi, -1964)
Educational and cultural programs, children's programs   Tirolin Village and the Walnut Tree (-1964)
The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin (NTV, -1960)
Superman (TBS, -1960)
Lassie (TBS, -1960) Moonlight Mask Man (TBS) Science Class/How-to Course
(-1981)/Arts Theater (-1975)
English Conversation/French
Lessons/German Lessons
With Mother/News for Kids
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