50 Years of NHK Television

chronology of NHK Programs 1970-1974

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History Osaka Expo
Hijacking of Yodogo
Treaty for reversion of Okinawa Asama-Sanso Incident
Reversion of Okinawa/Sino-Japanese diplomatic relations
Sapporo Winter Olympics
Vietnam peace talks
First Oil Crisis
Baseball giant Nagashima Shigeo retires
President Nixon takes office
Broadcasting History   All General TV in color
Today's News broadcast in English and Japanese
Local programs start (7:30 pm)
50% of households own color TV
NHK moves to Shibuya New weather system
Hoso-Bunka Foundation established
1970 71 72 73 74
Special programs Our World in the 70's Satellite relay of imperial couple in Europe Asama-Sanso Incident   Legacy for the Future, a 50th-anniversary-of-broadcasting special
News and current affairs programs, documentaries Sunday Special (-1972) Documentary (-1976)
Records for the Future
Economics for Everyone
News Special
Everyday Economics (-1982)

Special programs
  News Center 9 (-1988)
The People's Pictures: Drawings of the A-bomb Aftermath (NHK Hiroshima)
Variety and
lifestyle programs
Exploring Japanese History
Lunchtime Present (-1991)
NHK Amateur Singing Contest
Stage 101 (-1974)
Yearning for Faraway Lands (Yomiuri TV)
Human Archipelago
You Give the Answer
Birth of Star! (NTV, -1983)
Music Grand Show
Investigative Camera
People and Music
Life of Leonardo da Vinci
Comedy On-Stage (-1982)
Comic Vaudeville Theater
Golden Pop Stage
One-man Show Here Comes the Star
All Together (-1980)
Big Show (-1979)
Let's Go Young!

Let's Go Young!
Let's Go Young!

Morning Drama serials No. 10 Rainbow No. 11 Mayuko Alone No. 12 Bluer than Indigo No. 13 Northern Family No. 14 Hatoko's Sea
Annual Historical Dramas No. 8 The Fir Tree Remains No. 9 Spring Hill No. 10 New Tale of Heike No. 11 Kunitori Monogatari No. 12 Katsu Kaishu
Dramas Thank You (TBS, -1975) Who Cares? Columbo (-1981)
Galaxy TV Novel (-1989)
Time Traveler
Red Beard
Taiyoni Hoero (NTV, -1986)

Strange People
Fugitive Samurai (NTV, -1976)

The Red Series (TBS)

Educational and cultural programs, children's programs City College Course
The Cattail City Eleven
Masked Rider (Mainichi TV) Regular broadcast of Sesame Street (-1982)
Junior High School Diary
New Eight Dog Warriors (-1975)
The Age of Welfare (-84)
Russian Lessons
Doraemon (NTV, -1978, TV Asahi 1979-)

New Eight Dog Warriors
New Eight Dog Warriors
©Kawamoto Kihachiro

Heidi (Fuji TV)
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