50 Years of NHK Television

Chronology of  NHK Programs1995-1999

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History Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake
Sarin attack on Tokyo Subway
Nomo boom (baseball)
Lower House election: single seat constituencies
AIDS by blood transfusion
Atlanta Olympics
Hostage drama at Japanese ambassador's residence in Peru Nagano Winter Olympics
1998 FIFA World Cup France
Euro in 11 EU countries
NTT launches i-mode
Broadcasting History International TV broadcasting
50th anniversary of WWII's end
More satellite coverage of Major League Baseball
70th anniversary of broadcasting in Japan
NHK round-the-clock broadcasts
BRO: Broadcast and Human Rights
Hi-vision of earth from space
NHK World TV
Tent 2000, NHK studio for audience participation
1995 96 97 98 99
Special programs The 20th Century on Film
The New Semiconductor Superpower
Moving into the 21st Century
The Palace Museums
Path of a Nation Planet of Ocean
Why Did They Kill Our Neighbours?
2000 and Beyond (-2000)
The Universe Within III:
The Human Genome
News and current affairs programs, documentaries Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake (Kobe) Commentary and Analysis Document Japan (bi-weekly)
(Screen inserts for typhoon information)
Metropolitan Network
  (Web details for NHK's international service)
NHK Weekly News
Variety and
lifestyle programs

Hello from Studio Park
Try and Gotcha!
Have a Good Day!
Edo Comedy

Edo Comedy
Edo Comedy

Bold History of Japan (-1999)
Doggie & Maggie
Top Runners
Dream Painting
Back to the Old School
Chat and Laugh with Kin-chan

Here's to uthe Earth
Wild Asia

Morning Drama serials

No. 52 Come Spring (Part Two)
No. 53 Run!

No. 54 Sunflower
No. 55 Twins
No. 56 Aguri
No. 57 Sweet and Sour
No. 58 Ten Urara
No. 59 Yanchakure
No. 60 Suzuran
No. 61 Asuka
Annual Historical Dramas No. 34 Eighth Shogun Yoshimune No. 35 Hideyoshi No. 36 Mori Motonari No. 37 Tokugawa Yoshinobu No. 38 Genroku Ryoran
A Son of the Good Earth
A Son of the Good Earth (China-Japan)
Wednesday Drama series
Long Vacation (Fuji TV)
New Adventures of Detective Hanshichi
Dancing Detective (Fuji TV)
NHK Drama Theater
GTO (Kansai TV)
General Administration Section II (Fuji TV)

Drama, Love Poem

Educational and cultural programs, children's programs   Future Trends
Science Eye
Rockie and Her Friends
NHK Sign Language News
New Sunday Art Gallery
Hobbies and Leisure
Internet School: Only One World 20th Century Japan on Film
"Three Dumpling Brothers"
NHK Public Seminar
Satellite, Hi-Vision All Nomo baseball games on BS Who's Who in Asia
Shinjuku Shark
More MLB games
Modern Pilgrimage to Ancient Temples
Personal Gardening
Internet Documentary: Global Court
BS Songs of Japan
Health Hotline
Curious about Earth
BS Junior Amateur Singing Contest
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