50 Years of NHK Television

Chronology of NHK Programs 1975-1979

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Emperor and Empress visit US Ocean Expo Okinawa
End of Vietnam War
Lockheed Scandal
Montreal Olympics
Japan Red Army hijacking
Oh sets world record 756 home runs
Sino-Japanese Peace and Friendship Treaty
Narita Airport opens
First Tokyo Summit
Diplomatic relations between China and US
Broadcasting History 20 million households have NHK color TV reception contracts NHK Tokushu All Educational TV in color First experimental broadcasting satellite, Yuri World's first live TV satellite coverage from Antarctic
1975 76 77 78 79
Special programs Coverage of Queen Elizabeth Il's visit to Japan

Regular NHK Tokushu (-1989)
Founders of the Meiji Era
The Western World Today

NHK Tokushu logo
NHK Tokushu logo

Postwar Japan
The Fall of a General Trading House
Zen Temple: The Eiheiji
The Nuclear Age
What the World Did
Reportage Japan (-1984)
Record of Upheaval
Oil: The Unknown Technological Empire
News and current affairs programs, documentaries News Center Report
Saturday Special
NHK Foreign Correspondent's Report: The Fall of Saigon
TV Column
Sports Hour
Variety and
lifestyle programs
Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
NHK Traditional Performing Arts
Go Tactics
Shogi Time
Your Studio
Quiz Is That True?
Music Plaza
Classical Music Album
White-collar Life
  Ultra Eye (-1986)
Doorway to History (-1984)
Nighttime Reserved Seats
Rambling Q & A
The Best Ten (TBS, -1989)
Morning Drama serials No. 15 Light Blue Times
No. 16 Good Morning
No. 17 Carpet of Clouds
No. 18 To the Land of Fire
No. 19 First Evening Star
No. 20 Weathercock
No. 21 Otei-chan
No. 22 I am Sea
No. 23 Sister Ma
No. 24 Ayu's Song
Annual Historical Dramas No. 13 Genroku Taiheiki No. 14 Wind, Cloud and Rainbow No. 15 Kashin No. 16 Golden Days No. 17 Burning Grass
Dramas Little House on the Prairie
Close Encounter from Afar
Life's a Trip (NTV)
Always Greener
The Journey (-1982)
Crimson Flower
Oretachi no Asa (NTV)
Winter Peaches
The Journey: Silver Seat
Roots (TV Asahi, -1979)
Amagi Pass
Nearest Thing to Happiness
Kinpachi's Class 3B (TBS)
Educational and cultural programs, children's programs NHK Theater (-1982)
The Ten Sanada Warriors
The Dog of Flanders (Fuji TV)
Sunday Art Gallery (-1997)
Candy White (TV Asahi, -1979)
The Child Piper
For the Hearing Impaired
Information Desk 600 (news magazine for children)
Future Boy Conan
Little Princess (-1982)
The Adventures of Marco Polo
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