50 Years of NHK Television

Chronology of NHK Programs 2000-2003

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History Miyakejima Eruption
Kyushu-Okinawa Summit
Sydney Olympics
9/11 terror attacks in US
Baseball star Ichiro becomes new star in MLB
Salt Lake City Olympics
2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan
50th anniversary of TV in Japan
Digital terrestrial broadcasting
Start of war in Iraq
Broadcasting History Digital satellite broadcasting
Digital Hi-Vision channel
Internet news service
Launch of digital broadcasting satellite BSAT-2a ABU Tokyo General Assembly
ABU Robot Contest in Tokyo
NHK Archives
Antarctic Hi-Vision Broadcasting Center
2000 01 02 03 2004
Special programs Messages from the Past
Human Document
Space Millennium
Long Journey to Prehistoric Japan
Mysterious Cities of Asia
A Century of Reform
Full of Life
TV 50th anniversary  
News and current affairs programs, documentaries NHK News 10
(Radio Japan: test broadcasts of news on Internet in 22 languages)
Variety and
lifestyle programs

Project X: Challengers
21st Century Business Cram School
And Then, History Changed
NHK Archives

Science Digital Question Box

Project X: Challengers
Project X: Challengers

The New Century of Food
The Ito Dining Table (NTV)
Morning Drama serials

No. 62 My Blue Sky
No. 63 Audrey

No. 64 Chura-san
No. 65 Honmamon
No. 66 Sakura (first in Hi-Vision)
No. 67 Manten
No. 68 Kokoro  
Annual Historical Dramas No. 39 Aoi: The Three Tokugawa Generations (first in Hi-Vision) No. 40 Hojo Tokimune No. 41 Toshiie and Matsu No. 42 Musashi  
Dramas Drama D-mode
Period Drama Romance
Beautiful Life (TBS)
Monday Drama Series
Friday Period Drama
Hero (Fuji TV)
Eleven o'Clock Drama
Home-Run Ball in the Rubble
From the Northern Country 2002: The Will (Fuji TV)
Educational and cultural programs, children's programs

Hometown Dialects
Teenage Debate

Educational and cultural programs,

Okome: The Life Story of Rice (digital education materials) Program images on Internet (education, welfare, other) ETV programming restructured  
Satellite, Hi-Vision (NHK satellite TV reception contracts reach 10 million)
NHK Hi-Vision News
BS Hi-Vision Suspense Hi-Vision Sunday Cinema    
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