50 Years of NHK Television

Chronology of NHK Programs 1950-1954

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50 Years of NHK Programs
The chronological table presented on the following pages shows many of NHK's regular TV programs since 1953, according to the year of their first appearance. TV programs in bold were especially popular. Commercial TV programs are shown in blue. Broadcasters are abbreviated, using their present names.

History Korean War begins San Francisco Peace Treaty (US-Japan)
US-Japan Security Treaty
  Korean War ceasefire
"Stupid fool" Lower House dissolution
Nijubashi Incident
Sinking of Toya-maru ferry
No. 5 Fukuryu-maru Bikini Atoll fallout incident
Broadcasting History Three Radio Laws including Broadcast Law
NHK founded
Red & White Song Festival broadcast on radio NHK resumes international broadcasting NHK TV begins (Feb 1) Commercial TV begins
(NTV, Aug 28)
NHK Osaka and NHK Nagoya begin TV broadcasting
1950 51 52 1953 54
Special programs       Live broadcast of Crown Prince sailing for UK
Live Grand Sumo, high-school baseball, pro-baseball
Nijubashi Incident (first helicopter coverage)
Pro-wrestling: Rikidozan and Kimura vs. The Sharp Brothers
News and current affairs programs, documentaries       NHK Television News (15 min weekly)
NHK Film News
News Commentary (-1984)
NHK News
Slick Dialogue (first talk show)
Variety and
lifestyle programs

This Week’s Star
Home Library
Gesture Game (-1968)
Ringing Out the Old Year
NHK Amateur Singing Contest
TV broadcasting of Red & White Year-end Song Festival begins

Calisthenics (-1965)
Popular on radio, popular on TV
Popular on radio, popular on TV
When television first came on the scene, radio was enjoying its golden age. Popular radio programs, such as the Red & White Year-end Song Festival were also carried on television and presented live before an audience.
Dramas       Mountain Flute (first TV drama)
Ups and Downs to Happiness (first serial)
Hanshichi’s Investigation File (first historical drama)
Ranpei Monogurui (first cinescope broadcast)
Lamp at the Settlement
Father’s Worry
NHK Short Films
Educational and cultural programs, children's programs       Tamamomae
Toddlers’ Treasure Box
Animal Kingdom
Children’s Hour
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