50 Years of NHK Television

chronology of NHK Programs 1965-1969

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History Korea-Japan Treaty of 1965
Cultural Revolution in China
The Beatles in Japan
Color TV, Car, and Cooler (air-conditioner) dubbed "The Three Cs"
Student movement
Pollution Countermeasures Basic Law
Mexico Olympics
Japan second largest GNP
Kim Hee Roh Incident
Apollo 11 lands on moon
Blockade of Tokyo University's Yasuda Hall lifted
Broadcasting History Japan Prize
NHK Broadcasting Center opens
Nationwide Educational TV
General and Educational TV broadcasting starts at 6 am
NHK TV reception contracts reach 20 million Celebrities in 8th Upper House Election NHK FM broadcasts on network of 170 stations
1965 66 67 68 69
Special programs Candidate profiles in Upper House election The Mysterious Moment
500 m from Ground Zero

(NHK Hiroshima)

Our World (TV link-up with 14 countries on five continents)

Our World

100 Years Since The Meiji Restoration Live coverage of man setting foot on moon
News and current affairs programs, documentaries Today's News (new version)
Studio 102 (-1980)
Movements of the Times
Current Affairs Special (-1970)
  International Report (-1980)
Variety and
lifestyle programs
Hello Homemakers (-1974)
Afternoon Break
The Four Eyes (-1972)
The Hometown Song Festival
Best Performing Arts (-1978)
Andy Williams Show
Woman's Diary (-1982)
Today's Health
Gardening Time
Future Vision
Speed Cooking
Inspiration Game (-1991)
Friends with Songs (-1978)
World Music (-1974)
Fishing Today (-1982)
Chance and Pinch
Hometown Album (-1983)
It's Your Chair
It's 8 o'Clock! Gather Round (TBS, -1985)
Morning Drama serials No. 5 Tamayura No. 6 Ohanahan No. 7 Tabiji No. 8 Tomorrow Comes
(first in color)
No. 9 Nobuko and Grandma
Annual Historical Dramas No. 3 Taikoki

No. 4 Minamoto-no-Yoshitsune No. 5 The Three Sisters No. 6 Ryoma ga Yuku No. 7 Heaven and Earth
(first in color)
Dramas The Guardman (TBS, -1971) Yokobori River
Zenigata Heiji (Fuji TV, -1984)
Bewitched (TBS, -1968)
Detective Bungo   Galaxy Drama
Mito-komon (TBS)
Educational and cultural programs, children's programs Studies for Mom (-1990)
Spaceman Pipi/University Correspondence Course
Q-taro the Ghost (TBS, -1969)
Language Clinic
Thunderbirds (-1967)
Ultraman series (TBS)
Chinese Lessons
Spanish Lessons
The Star of the Giants (Yomiuri TV, -1971) Science Today (-1982)
Junior High School Students
Sazae-san (Fuji TV)
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