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Q.1 How can I download the audio, textbook and video for "Easy Japanese"?


Access the download page. Follow the instructions on the page to download the audio and textbook. The audio and textbook can also be downloaded from the lesson page. A podcast service for audio is also available.
The video cannot be downloaded. Please enjoy it on the website.

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Q.2 What kind of lessons and learning tools are available on the website?


There are 48 lessons where you can learn various expressions in a drama-like setting. In addition, there are also Japanese syllabaries, vocabulary quiz, lessons about grammar by a Japanese language expert and an introduction on onomatopoeic words.

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Q.3 I cannot access "Easy Japanese" on the website because of the poor Internet environment.


"Easy Japanese" is broadcast as a radio program on NHK WORLD RADIO JAPAN. Please click here for details about the time and frequency.

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Q.4 There is something about the Japanese that I do not understand. Will I hear from you if I email my question?


"Easy Japanese" does not provide a service where it responds to individual emails or letters. We will respond to queries either through the NHK WORLD RADIO JAPAN program or on this website. Please use this mail form to send your queries.

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Q.5 I cannot play the sound from the lesson page.


Some smartphones and tablets may not be able to play the sound from the lesson page. In these cases, please follow the steps below to download the sound.

  1. Download the lesson sound either from the download page or each lesson page. The procedure can be found at the top of this FAQ.
  2. Once it has been successfully downloaded, use the music player app in the device to play the sound.
  3. Please open the Internet browser while playing the lesson sound in the background.

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Q.6 I would like the "Easy Japanese" CD. Can I buy it by mail order?


"Easy Japanese" has not been made into a CD. Please download the sound file on this website. Downloading is available free of charge.

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Q.7 Can I download the audio and textbook files of the previous “Easy Japanese” series with main characters such as Cuong and Leo?


We do not provide the audio and textbook files of previous “Easy Japanese” series online.

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Q.8 Do you have any radio programs or websites where I can review previous lessons and test my Japanese language skills?


We provide "Review: Make Your Choice!" in our radio program and website. The segment allows you to go over lessons in a quiz format. Our website also offers "Vocabulary List & Quiz", in which you can review expressions that appear in lessons.

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Q.9 How can I get a copy of the textbook for "Easy Japanese?"


We will send a copy of the textbook by mail upon request. But this service is available to those who listen to "Easy Japanese" on radio outside Japan, excluding those who only use our "Easy Japanese" website. If you wish to have a copy of the textbook, please contact us using this form. If you cannot use the form, please contact us by postal mail. When you contact us, please send us your name, address and comments about "Easy Japanese".

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Q.10 Do you have any app of "Easy Japanese"?


We have no app dedicated to "Easy Japanese". But NHK WORLD RADIO JAPAN provides an app through which you can listen to the most recent lesson.

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Q.11 I would like to have a Japanese pen pal. Can you introduce me to somebody?


That is not part of NHK WORLD's service.

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Q.12 Do you provide any kanji lessons?


No, we do not provide kanji lessons.

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Q.13 Do you provide intermediate and advanced courses?


No, we do not provide intermediate or advanced courses.

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Q.14 Do you issue certificates to prove that I have completed the lessons?


No, we do not issue certificates of any sort related to "Easy Japanese".

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