5 Immersive Media Medium to long term

Authoring Tool for 3D Space

Designing time-series 3D space for immersive content


STRL is researching ways to create immersive media, allowing users to enjoy moving freely within a three-dimensional (3D) image space. STRL has developed a 3D space authoring tool that makes it easy to create immersive content and a system to deliver this content to various types of display devices.

Outline of authoring tool

Simplifying the creation of immersive content

STRL has developed an authoring tool that enables video objects (including volumetric video and 360-degree video) to be easily placed in a 3D space using a mouse or game controller.

An easy way to enjoy immersive content

Users can use various types of devices, such as a head-mounted display or tablet, to present immersive content and enjoy moving freely within the 3D space.

Making use of the latest international standards

The system makes use of the latest MPEG*1 standards, including the method of encoding volumetric video and the scene-description format to show how video objects are configured in time-series space.

[Future plans]

STRL will develop technology to expand the range of space in which users can move, and improve the tool based on verification in a practical environment by around 2026.

  • MPEG (Moving Picture Experts Group): Subcommittee of ISO/IEC (International Organization for Standardization/International Electrotechnical Commission) for standardization of information technology on multimedia.