The Grand Prix Japan Prize
The Grand Prix Japan Prize was awarded to an innovative program that showed the most effective response to educational demands and exploited the outstanding potential of educational programs.
Program Division
There are four categories in the Program Division. The best program and two excellent programs were selected for each category. The producer of the best program was awarded a trophy at the Awards Ceremony.
Early Education Youth Education
Adult Education Issues in Education
Web Division
The website which best demonstrated an educational effect in combination with a TV program was selected for the Best Web Prize after deliberate judgment on the content and presentations made by the producers of the entered websites. The producer of the Best Web Prize winning website was awarded a trophy at the Awards Ceremony.
Program Proposal Division
The excellent proposal which displayed the potential of educational programs was selected after deliberate consideration on the quality of the proposal and circumstances in the submitting countries.
Special Prizes
The following prizes were awarded to programs which were judged to excel in a particular area from among all programs entered regardless of category of entry.
The Japan Foundation President's Prize The UNICEF Prize
The Maeda Prize  
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