This program is one from a series which targets ages four to six, with the aim of helping children realize diverse ways of seeing and thinking. It supports development of problem-solving skills from various perspectives. The theme of the seven segments in this episode is “new view”. Children are led to see objects differently by looking at them from different angles. Using computer graphic animation, children can see a square shape changing its meaning when viewed from different perspectives. Moreover, a song is used to show children how the meaning of “father” can be “businessman“, “guest”, “passenger” or “patient” according to the context in which it is used.
Jury Comments
This 15-minute program for pre-school children focuses on changing viewpoints. Relationships can vary according to location and circumstances and size and value of objects may appear to change when looked at in different contexts. The program uses a variety of styles to look at things from different perspectives. Seven short highly creative segments, ranging from animation and puppets to live action documentary and songs, encourage children to understand how to see things from different angles. The jury felt that this program was highly appropriate for the target age range, introducing complex concepts simply and with humor. Each segment was carefully thought through and original in its delivery. The program challenges young children to think creatively and solve problems for themselves.
Producer's comments  
Mr. Mitsuaki Furuya, Producer, Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK)
Thank you very much for the Minister of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications Prize. We are very pleased that our program, which is a regular program, is evaluated highly. Unlike special programs that get more personnel and higher budgets to produce the highest quality programs, regular programs have to be broadcast routinely and maintain quality with a limited number of personnel and a lower budget.
The theme of “PythagoraSwitch: Edition 25 Let’s Look at It Another Way” is “how to think”. This program introduces children to a variety of ways to see and think. In order to introduce a new view effectively, we producers need to realize different perspectives. We also need to visualize a new view and present it in an easy and clear manner. Producers are also evaluated by our ability to see things from different perspectives.
PythagoraSwitch is still broadcast routinely, and we will try our best to aim at higher quality productions.