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About program

Hokkaido attracts a large amount of overseas tourists. Some repeatedly visit there, seeking to experience the great nature. With its colorful and majestic nature, Hokkaido deserves a world heritage that continues to fascinate people around the world. In addition to the sightseers who visit the famed tourist spots, Hokkaido recently enjoys the increasing number of travelers who explore nature more deeply through activities such as trekking and bird-watching.

The brand-new program “Wild Hokkaido” is for those travelers, covering topics about Hokkaido’s great nature and tourism information.

Our reporters will visit the selected natural landscapes, introduce its charms and how one can enjoy them. Furthermore, the program will unveil the rare video archives that NHK has taken over the past years. It’s beyond a mere travel program, as it discovers the seasonal magnificent landscapes as well as the ecology of wild animals that are rarely seen.


Charlotte Kate Fox

Charlotte Kate Fox

Born in New Mexico, US.

She received a bachelor’s degree in theatrical dance major at Santa Fe College, and completed a Master of Fine Arts at Northern Illinois University.

She came into the spotlight as she was selected as heroine in the NHK's morning serial drama “Massan” for the first time as an international actress. Later, she also played the leading role, Roxie Hart, in the Broadway musical “Chicago,” and earned a high reputation.

She fell in love with Hokkaido, which became one of the drama’s filming locations, and was especially fascinated with its beauty of nature.

She loves outdoor activities such as trekking, camping and horseback riding.

James Pritty

James Pritty

Born in UK.

He has been living in Hokkaido since 2004, and serves as a reporter for programs such as NHK’s travel program “J-Trip Plan.”

He loves cycling and visiting open-air baths. Among those, LakeToya is his favorite place.

He stands 1.98 meters tall, and his shoe size is 32 centimeters.

He’s interested in skiing, but it’s hard to find the ski boots that fit his shoe size…