Perfume x Technology presents Reframe

The full version of Perfume’s amazing performance of “Mugenmirai”
from the July 24th broadcast of Uchimura Gorin Sengen is now available!
Be amazed as they dance among a cascade of dazzling laser beams.

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Perfume x TECHNOLOGY | 東京2020で変わる | NHK Tokyo2020


  • July 27th (Fri.)
    “Your Photo” has ended.
  • July 25th (Wed.)
    Full video of Perfume’s performance of “Mugenmirai” from Uchimura Gorin Sengen is available now!
  • July 23th (Mon.)
    Uchimura Gorin Sengen! is airing tomorrow from 7:30pm on NHK GTV. (JST)


Perfume×TECHNOLOGY is a program where NHK and Perfume explore the new possibilities of entertainment as they approach TOKYO 2020.

Join Perfume, the group that continues to amaze the world with their use of the latest technology, as they conduct various experiments and introduce the TECHNOLOGY behind the scenes.




Watch Perfume in concert as never before.
The Reframe project showcases a live
performance by Perfume at NHK Hall,
reconstructing their work to date from a variety of
thrilling new perspectives.

Stage direction/choreography: MIKIKO
Interaction design: Rhizomatiks
Special stage performance brought to you by Perfume in collaboration with the creative team
behind the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics/Paralympics Closing Flag Handover Ceremony.

This performance was conducted under the auspices of This is NIPPON Premium Theater.
Sponsored by NHK, the program is an exciting platform for cultural expression building up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics/Paralympics.



The electro-pop trio of a-chan (Ayaka Nishiwaki), KASHIYUKA (Yuka Kashino), and NOCCHi (Ayano Omoto) that has made the world their stage with their combination of cutting edge visual technology and remarkable dance skills.

※ Recorded approximately 2 weeks before the Reframe performance.


FUSION / Negai / Mugenmirai

Behind the scenes: Technology used in the making of
the Reframelive-stream performance.



Perfume’s silhouettes soar to superhuman proportions, rotating behind the trio in a mysterious dance. Where does reality end and projection begin? FUSION was crafted to blur the boundary between performer and technology, resulting in a surreal effect that surely caught many viewers by surprise.The performance was achieved by meticulously blending CG imagery with the real-life movement of Perfume onstage. In a technique known as “dynamic projection,” imagery was projected at precisely the right moment onto a series of screens programmed to move nimbly in the background. Furthermore, successful execution of the scene relied on advanced “virtual shadow” techniques, which convincingly fused real-life shadow with the virtually-generated silhouettes.



During the performance of Negai, photos uploaded by fans from around the globe glittered like a constellation of brilliant stars in the night sky. Leading up to the Reframe performance, we unveiled the Reframe Your Photo project. We developed a groundbreaking system which enabled users to submit snapshots, which were then analyzed and matched with similar stills extracted from a collection of Perfume’s music videos to date. The technology identified a range of distinguishing features in user-submitted images, compared these features with scenes from Perfume’s music videos, and automatically determined which scenes were a closest match. These matches were then selected and displayed in an interface for users to enjoy, post on the project webpage, and share on social media.



In the opening moments to the song Mugenmirai CG elements were being synthesized to create AR in real-time. This was achieved by outfitting drones with cameras, then transmitting this footage to a system capable of rapidly analyzing positional information. The AR graphics were generated in real-time by tracking the position of the frames manipulated by Perfume onstage. We also developed a system capable of precisely projecting an array of lasers onto multiple stipulated points. The movement of the performers’ hands was tracked using motion capture technology in advance, which provided the data necessary to project the lasers in synchronization with the choreography. Watching the completed performance, one must marvel at the seamlessness of the laser projection.This is a testament to Perfume’s precision as dancers. The performance was a success thanks to their absolute accuracy from rehearsal to concert.

Your Photo

Your Photo

In this groundbreaking project, fans can now upload their own snapshots to see how their lives intersect with Perfume’s universe. Through the power of advanced image analysis and machine learning technologies, this system analyzes user-submitted photos to find the closest match in a database cataloguing individual frames from Perfume’s music videos.