Spectacled Tiger

"Spectacled Tiger"

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Spectacled Tiger

Spectacled Tiger is a coming-of-age film about a high school trivia wunderkind, Taiga Suzuki, who lives in a world where things are only black and white, correct or incorrect. But when Taiga finds himself smitten by a new girl in the school, he encounters the difficulty of forcing his restrictive world view upon her. While struggling to deal with new feelings, he gradually loses his grip on what is true and begins searching for the real meaning of correctness.
Jens Assur

Kentaro Hagiwara (left) Kyohta Fujimoto (co-writer / right)

Hagiwara is a graduate of Film Studies, Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles. Soon after he graduated in 2007, he returned to Japan and joined The Directors Guild in Tokyo as a commercial film director. He has been working in commercials, short films and others. His short Super Star (2011), Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia Special Film Project, received acclaim and awards including Guam International Film Festivalfs Grand Jury Award in Short Film competition. Spectacled Tiger will be his first feature film.

Hagiwara and Kyohta Fujimoto, co-writer of Spectacled Tiger, are alumni of the first Screenwriters Workshop in Tokyo, collaboration between the Sundance Institute and its longtime partner NHK.