Reality Imaging

3D Video System with Resolution of 300,000 Pixels

Aiming for realization of 3D images that are natural and easy to watch


To achieve natural and easy-to-watch 3D television without the use of special glasses, we are conducting research on light-field 3D images that can be seen even the viewer moves horizontally or vertically*1.
To improve the quality of 3D images, we are exhibiting display technologies using high-density light-field reproduction and shooting techniques using multiple cameras.

Shooting and display technology for 3D images


Improving the quality of 3D images shot by a camera array

We developed a technology to accurately interpolate light-field information necessary for 3D images from multi-viewpoint images taken with an array of cameras arranged in a grid pattern. Moreover, we generated high-quality 3D images using multi-viewpoint robotic cameras*2 incorporated in a 4K camera, using a 3D model generation technique.

Improving the quality of 3D image displays using high-density light-field reproduction

To improve the quality of 3D image displays, a technology to reproduce and display a high-density light field is needed. We developed a technology to reproduce the high-density light field obtained by imaging equipment using multiple projectors and a display optical system, thereby improving the resolution of 3D images to 300,000 pixels, which is about three times higher than that for conventional technology.


Camera array
3D display with 300,000 pixels(Aktina Vision)



  1. Method for displaying 3D images by reproducing the light ray from the object
  2. Coordinated control system for multiple robot cameras