Reality Imaging

Technology for Realizing High-Sensitivity 8K Solid-State Image Sensor

For diversification of 8K program production


We are conducting research on new solid-state image sensors for high-sensitivity 8K camera. We are showing examples of images taken by 8K CMOS image sensors overlaid with a highly sensitive photoelectric conversion film*1.

Solid-state image sensor structure


Crystalline selenium photoelectric conversion film using avalanche multiplication

Electric charge generated by incident light are increased by avalanche multiplication phenomenon*2 inside the photoelectric conversion film. The film can be overlaid on a CMOS circuit with a low breakdown voltage because avalanche multiplication occurs at low voltage in crystalline selenium, which can absorb a sufficient amount of light even when thin.

8K CMOS circuit for film overlay

An 8K CMOS circuit suitable for reading out electric charge multiplied by the crystalline selenium film was designed and a prototype was fabricated.


8K CMOS image sensor overlaid with crystalline selenium photoelectric conversion film
Reproduced image taken by prototype image sensor (non-avalanche multiplication mode)


  1. Thin film that converts light into charge
  2. A charge-multiplying phenomenon that occurs when the electric charge is accelerated and collide with atoms in the film