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Longer Lifetime Technologies for OLED Displays

New device structure that is stable in air and advanced panel driving technology


We are researching large, thin, and lightweight sheet-type displays for 8K Super Hi-Vision. This exhibit displays driving technology for adaptive temporal aperture control and an inverted OLED* that will extend the lifetime of displays.


●Adaptive temporal aperture control driving technology

To solve the problem of motion blur of OLED displays, we have developed a driving method to control the temporal aperture of a panel. Longer lifetime as well as an improvement in video quality can be expected as a result of suppressing instantaneous luminance changes.

●Inverted OLED device with atmospheric stability and longer lifetime

We have developed a flexible display using an inverted OLED that has high stability in air. With a structure opposite to that of conventional OLEDs, the device can use new materials that are resistant to oxygen and moisture. It will lengthen the lifetime of displays using plastic film substrate with low gas-barrier properties.

Future plans

We are continuing with our research on high-speed driving technology for higher image quality and improving the characteristics of inverted OLED devices by lowering their voltage and reducing their power consumption to enable the realization of sheet-type displays.

●The research on inverted OLED devices is being conducted in cooperation with Nippon Shokubai Co., Ltd.
*OLED:Organic Light-emitting Diode

Technology to extend lifetime of OLED displays
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