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Program Contribution Technologies for Live Broadcasts
of 8K

Making live broadcasting in 8K a reality


We are studying program contribution transmission technologies capable of supporting live broadcasts of 8K Super Hi-Vision (8K). This exhibit shows two types of FPUs*1 using the millimeter-wave band and wired gigabit-class transmission technology for program contributions.


●Millimeter-wave band FPU for transmission of an uncompressed 8K signal

This FPU can transmit an uncompressed 8K signal with low-latency by using 120-GHz-band radio waves. Its use of both horizontal and vertical polarizations enables large-capacity transmissions over a distance of about 1 km in fine weather and 250 m in the rain.

●Millimeter-wave band FPU for long-distance transmission of a compressed 8K signals

We prototyped an FPU that can transmit an 8K signal over long distances. It uses the 42-GHz band and an OFDM scheme with a 109 MHz or 54 MHz bandwidth. We are aiming at making it able to transmit an 8K signal about 40 km in fine weather and 5 km in the rain.

●Optical fiber transmission of an uncompressed 8K signal using 100 Gigabit Ethernet

To enable 8K program contribution signals to be transmitted over an Ethernet network between and within broadcast stations, we have developed a device to transform an uncompressed 8K signal into 100 Gigabit Ethernet format. By using a technology to recover data errors occurring during transmission, large-volume uncompressed 8K signals can be stably transmitted over an Ethernet network.

Future plans

We are continuing with experimental verifications that put the technologies into practical use.

*1 FPU (Field Pick-up Unit): A portable, wireless transmission device for program contribution transmissions that involve outdoor relays.
*2 The transmission scheme of the millimeter-wave band FPU follows the ARIB STD-B65 standard.
*3 Signal interface for UHDTV production systems: Optical signal interface to transmit 8K video and sound signals over a single cable in compliance with the
  ARIB STD-B58 standard.

Overview of 8K program contribution transmission
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