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Real-time Video Coding System with Super-resolution Reconstruction

For transmission of ultra-high-definition video at low bit rates


We are conducting research on Super Hi-Vision transmission systems with super-resolution techniques*1 aiming at reducing the requisite bit rate to 1/3 that of existing video codecs. Parameters optimized with a criterion that models the human vision system are transmitted in a compressed format to receivers in which super-resolution processes suppress the image degradation due to the high compression ratio.


●Compression of side data for reception-side super-resolution control

The input high-resolution video is down-sampled before being encoded. The decoded video frames are up-sampled to the original resolutions on the reception side by applying super-resolution techniques with the aid of side data optimized on the transmission side. Greater efficiency is achieved by compressing the side data as well.

●Optimization technology considering human vision characteristics

The previous system used only the difference from the original image to determine the fidelity during optimization on the transmission side. The new system also considers the structural similarity*2 of the image pattern, thus enabling optimization in a similar way to how the human vision faculty works.

●12-bit video support using tone reconstruction techniques

We have implemented tone reduction/reconstruction functions to transmit 12-bit (4096 levels per color) video through a transmission system for 8-bit (256 levels per color) video.

Future plans

We are now developing an 8K transmission system incorporating these technologies. We also plan to conduct a verification of the whole transmission system, including the channel coding and RF modulation.

*1 Super-resolution technique: Technology to increase the resolution by supplementing edges and detailed patterns.
*2 Structural similarity: Degree of similarity in terms of rough patterns of appearances

Configuration of real-time reconstructive video coding
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