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Automatic Sign Language Animation System Using External Weather Data

Expanding our sign language services


We have developed a system that can read weather forecasts distributed by the Japan Meteorological Agency and coded in XML format and have animated characters using sign language present them. It automatically generates and updates the sign language animation based on the latest weather forecast it receives through the Internet.


●Automatic sign language animation

With the help of deaf volunteers and sign language interpreters, we have created a database of expressions that correspond to weather forecast codes distributed by the Meteorological Agency. The system receives the code, inserts the relevant information into the expression templates and automatically generates appropriate sign language animations.

●Sign language animation with a human touch

In addition to simple template completion, we introduced an advanced language processing program, which analyzes incoming weather information and automatically revises the words and phrases into more natural expressions. For example, if the incoming code indicates that it will rain today and tomorrow, the system will generate an animation that says “it will rain today and continue to tomorrow” instead of “it will rain today, it will rain tomorrow.”

Future plans

We will conduct trial services online and seek wider feedback to improve our system for a more natural and user-friendly output.

● This research was conducted in collaboration with Kogakuin University.

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