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Enhancing Production


Bidirectional Digital FPU for Reliable High-speed

Speeding up transmissions from the field


FPUs* transmit live and recorded footage from the field to the broadcasting station. Our aim is tospeed up the file transfer process and to enable remote control of cameras by making thesesystems bidirectional. In the bidirectional FPU system, the receiver feeds back information likereception quality and transmission status back to the FPU at the site, so that it can automaticallyadjust its transmission. The result is a faster, more reliable transmission system.


●Automatic selection of modulation scheme depending on propagation environment

Wireless propagation is affected by environmental factors including weather, tidal levels, and obstructive trees. The bidirectional system monitors the received signals and returns their channel status back to the origin, where the FPU automatically selects a modulation scheme that can maintain the quality of the signals it sends. This means on-site crews can save time when setting up and checking the signal conditions, and they can also send files in a shorter time by using a modulation scheme with adequate robustness for the transmission conditions.

●Enabling efficient error-correction and retransmission for data recovery

To achieve reliable transmissions, conventional, unidirectional FPUs send data with a fixed amount of redundant data. The bidirectional FPU sends data with a small amount of redundant data at first. It sends additional redundant data only when a data transmission fails. The effect is that the bidirectional system is more efficient and reliable than the unidirectional one.

Future plans

As well as improving operational efficiency, we will research multi-relay FPU transmissions.

* FPU (Field Pick-up Unit): A portable wireless transmission system used for the transmission of live and recorded video from remote locations.

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