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Enhancing Production


Video Bank to Enable More Efficient and Effective Image Manipulation

Bringing metadata into the video production system


We are studying how technology can better support program production in terms of image searches and manipulation. So far various information about video, called metadata, has been created manually. Our latest video bank system uses light-sensing and video analyzing technologies to automatically generate and attach metadata to a piece of video.


●Automatically generating information that is useful for video production

The system analyses the video material and automatically generates metadata such as image features and the name of the subject, thereby making it easier to search for particular images. By using video analysis and light-sensing technologies, it also automatically generates more technical information, such as camera movements and lighting data, which are essential for sophisticated video production.

●Facilitating complex video compositions

The video composition process needs information on camera movements, lighting, subject region, etc. The system uses data from sensor cameras* to automatically generate lighting information for making more natural-looking video compositions.

Future plans

We will continue to improve each of the elemental technologies, conduct trials in which we work closely with production teams, and build on their feedback to create a versatile and practical system.

* Sensor camera: a camera used to capture information about lighting conditions such as locations, intensities, and colors of light sources.

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