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Enhancing Production


Multi-viewpoint Robotic Cameras

Using multiple cameras to create three-dimensional video


We have been researching robotic cameras to capture multi-viewpoint images of moving subjects by controlling multiple cameras in unison. Not only have we improved the overall performance of the system, we have also recently developed a technology where the operator can easily choose the camera that best captures the movements of the subjects in order to produce more engaging images.


●Multi-viewpoint robotic cameras

Increasing the number of cameras has enabled us to capture wider multi-viewpoint images. We have developed a more sophisticated robotic system by incorporating smaller cameras using fewer cables, higher video quality and processing speed in comparison with the previous one.

●Innovative images

Producers and commentators of sports events can now choose from among the various cameras to show the best shot to better illustrate the movements of the players.

●Application for integral 3D television

The system is capable of generating integral 3D images* (for integral 3D television) from the multi-viewpoint images.

Future plans

We will improve the quality of the multi-viewpoint images and use the system to cover the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020.

* Integral 3D images: autostereoscopic 3D images that do not require special glasses and still exhibit parallax depending on the viewing angle.

Multi-viewpoint robotic cameras Innovative video technology
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