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Enhancing Production


22.2 Multi-channel Loudness Meter

Supporting sophisticated sound production for 8K programs


This 22.2 multi-channel meter monitors loudness levels during production and broadcasting of 8K Super Hi-Vision (8K). It is fully compatible with loudness meters for stereo and 5.1 surround.


●Objective measurement of “loudness”

“Loudness” is a subjective perception of how loud a sound sounds to the human ear. Loudness meters calculate the loudness value of a program sound by filtering it on the basis of the properties of the human ear and weighting it according to the direction of the audio channels. Broadcasters can now use loudness meters to normalize loudness values across all programs.

●Compatibility with conventional loudness meters

Loudness meters have already been developed for programs with stereophonic or 5.1 surround systems, where the audio channels are all arranged horizontally. We have taken these conventional loudness meters and added more weighting coefficients to them for the channels located in the upper and lower layers to enable loudness to be measured in 8K programming. With this new development, it is now possible to estimate the loudness values of 22.2 multi-channel audio as accurately as with stereo or 5.1 surround sound.

Future plans

We will push forward with the implementation and standardization of 8K compatible loudness meters at domestic and international bodies including ARIB (Association of Radio Industries and Businesses) and the ITU-R (International Telecommunication Union Radio-communication Sector).

The impact of 8K multi-channel loudness meter

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