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New Broadcasting Technologies Utilizing Broadband


Bridging Broadcast and Internet Services

Providing new services using web-based technologies


We are developing new ways to use broadcast content in various services. By promoting the distribution of program-related data, we will put in place a framework where third parties can make the most out of Hybridcast and other Internet-based services. We are also introducing technologies so that viewers can enjoy programs on any device of their choice.


●Data-hub for Program-related information

Broadcast stations store a lot of information, but the conventional means of searching by keyword only returns a tiny amount of it. In order to find content that would be useful for various services inside and outside a broadcasting station, we are developing technologies to describe and accumulate content related information in the computer processable LODM*1 format.

●Coordinated services using Non-broadcast-oriented managed app for Hybridcast

Hybridcast Technical Specifications ver 2.0*2 will allow viewers to enjoy apps offered by broadcasters and other service providers. The data-hub will support new services incorporating broadcast content and related information.

●Engaging viewers in a diversified media environment

People can now view programs on their smartphones and other devices. To cater to viewers in this diversified media environment, we are developing ways to access content through the same menus and interfaces regardless of the device being used.

Future plans

We will work together with non-broadcast service providers in furthering our R&D efforts to promote wider usage of broadcast content.

*1 LOD (Linked Open Data): A general term for technology which has been standardize in W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) to publish and share
  computer processsable data.
*2 Hybridcast Technical Specifications ver2.0 is comprised of IPTV Forum Japan standard STD-0010 broadcast-internet coordination system specifications
  ver2.0 and STD-0011 HTML5 browser specifications ver2.1.

Innovative content services based on internet technologies
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