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New Broadcasting Technologies Utilizing Broadband


The New Media Player for MPEG-DASH, and Contents Delivery Technologies

For advanced video delivery services


We have developed an MPEG-DASH*1 player and delivery technology to allow content to be viewed on various devices including TV and mobile terminals. This exhibit presents the technology along with a video-on-demand (VOD) service supported by Hybridcast and a new video delivery service.


●Internet video service with Hybridcast

Hybridcast which conforms to a new VOD standard*2 will further the convergence of broadcasting and Internet video. It provides a wider range of possibilities for Internet video services for TV such as recommending videos according to viewer preferences, linkage with mobile devices, and closed-caption services capable of diverse expressions.

●MPEG-DASH player supporting multiple devices

We have developed a content player that can be commonly used for Hybridcast TV and web browsers on PCs and mobile devices. As the player uses standard Internet technologies, the services provided on it can use the existing Internet infrastructure.

●Content delivery technology for stable large-scale delivery

For stable, large-scale video delivery on the Internet, we have developed a technology to measure the reception status of viewing terminals as well as a video stream generation technology.

Future plans

We will continue with our R & D on new content delivery services in cooperation with other broadcasters, telecommunications carriers and Internet service providers.

*1 MPEG Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP: A video delivery technology internationally standardized by ISO that can deliver videos at different bit rates according to traffic conditions of Internet.

*2 New VOD standard: MPEG-DASH IPTVFJ profile in IPTVFJ STD-0013 version 2.0

New services utilizing technologies to synchronize broadcast programming and internet-based content.
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