8K Satellite Broadcasting Experiment

Towards test broadcasting in 2016


NHK has been developing the production equipment and transmission technologies of 8K Super Hi-Vision (8K) broadcasting, including video and sound encoders, multiplexing devices, transmitters and receivers. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications released the 8K broadcasting roadmap last year, which calls for 8K test broadcasting over satellite channels to begin in 2016. In response, we are accelerating our efforts to put 8K broadcasting to practical use. This exhibit features the devices to be used in the satellite test broadcasting ? from program production, coding, multiplexing, transmission and reception, to display.

Future plans

We are accelerating our R&D towards the goals of test broadcasting in 2016, start of broadcasting to the public by 2018 and widespread use of 8K by 2020, the year of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Production equipment

・8K camera system (Exhibit 1-1)
 Practical 8K camera system consisting of a compact camera and high-quality demosaicing processor

・8K video and sound signal interface :“U-SDI”(Exhibit 1-2)
 Interface to transmit 8K video and 22.2 multichannel sound signals over a single fiber optical cable

・Millimeter-wave FPU for contribution transmission (Related Exhibit 6)
 FPU to transmit uncompressed 8K signals with low latency on 120-GHz-band radio waves

・8K recorder (Related Exhibit 7)
 Compression recorder capable of recording up to 180 minutes of 8K video in a high-speed and large-capacity memory pack

・22.2 multichannel sound production system (Related Exhibit 18)
 22.2 multichannel spherical microphone, sound production mixing system and reverberator


・8K encoder and decoder (Exhibit 1-3)
 Encoder and decoder capable of compressing and transmitting 8K video and 22.2ch sound

・Advanced conditional access system (CAS) technology (Exhibit 1-4)
 Scrambling device capable of real-time processing of 8K signals

・8K multiplexing device (Related Exhibit 4)
 MMT-based multiplexing device

Satellite transmission

・Advanced wide band satellite transmission system (Exhibit 1-5)
 8K satellite transmission system using 12-GHz-band broadcasting satellite

8K television

・New closed captioning and character superimposition technology (Exhibit 1-6)
 New closed captioning and character superimposition technology using ARIB-TTML, a caption encoding scheme that enables a
 diverse range of expression

・8K wide-color-gamut LCD (Related Exhibit 10, 11)
 8K LCD display that supports the wide color gamut specified by the ITU-R Recommendation BT.2020

Cable TV transmission

・Cable TV transmission system for 8K broadcasting (Exhibit 1-7)
 Retransmission system on cable TV of 8K satellite broadcasting

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