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8K Encoder and Decoder

For high-quality compressed transmission


We are researching technologies to efficiently compress and transmit 8K video and 22.2 multichannel (22.2 ch) sound while maintaining its high quality. We have developed an encoder and decoder that can compress and transmit video and audio using schemes compliant with both domestic and international standards. 


●New 8K video decoder

We have developed an 8K video decoder that is compatible with the previous 8K video encoder using MPEG-H HEVC/H.265*1. The encoder and decoder enables real-time encoding and decoding of 8K video, which contains massive amounts of data.

●New 22.2 ch encoder/decoder and multiplexing capability

We have developed an audio encoder/decoder using MPEG-4 AAC*2 supporting 22.2 ch sound and a multiplexing/demultiplexing capability using MPEG-H MMT*3 to combine and transmit compressed video and audio data.

●Compliant with domestic standard for 8K broadcasting

The video coding, audio coding, and multiplexing schemes comply with the domestic standard ARIB STD-B32 ver. 3.1*4, which was revised in December 2014.

Futre plans

We will verify the operation of the devices by conducting transmission experiments using an actual broadcasting satellite. We are also continuing with development of 8K video encoder/decoder capable of a 120-Hz frame frequency.

*1 MPEG-H HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding)/H.265: Highly efficient video coding scheme suited for 8K/4K video, jointly standardized by ISO/IEC and
*2 MPEG-4 AAC (Advanced Audio Coding): Audio coding scheme supporting 22.2 ch sound standardized by ISO/IEC.
*3 MPEG-H MMT (MPEG Media Transport): Media transport scheme supporting various channels standardized by ISO/IEC in 2014.
*4 ARIB STD-B32 ver. 3.1: “Video Coding, Audio Coding and Multiplexing Specifications for Digital Broadcasting”

8K encoder/decoder diagram
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