Acoustically-transparent Screen for 8K Projector

Conventional Acoustically-transparent Projection Screen

Acoustically-transparent Screen for 8K Projector

8K Application in the Medical Field

8K TV Color Camera with a Single CMOS Device. Free Turning Camera Adapter

A Camera Stand for 8K Surgical Operation Movie

MIMO-OFDM Equalizer for Multipath Channels with Delays in Excess of GI

Equalizer, Demodulator and Constellation after Equalization

Hybridcast App Tester

Conformance Test Demonstration Using Sample Apps and Test Kit

Speech Manipulation and Reproduction Technology

"Seicho-Kakunin-kun", an Application for Training The Four Tones of Chinese

Research on Speech Rate Conversion Method to Improve Intelligibility of Speech is Still Ongoing.

NHK Engineering System