8K Super Hi-Vision

Advanced Conditional Access System -Rights protection and conditional access for broadcasting

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We are researching the next generation of CAS※1 technology that provides rights protection and conditional access to content. We have developed an advanced CAS that is highly secure and enables software to be updated to maintain and improve security.


Scrambling system with high security
We have developed a scrambling system that supports MMT※2 as a multiplexing system for 8K Super Hi-Vision (8K SHV) broadcasting. It uses a block cipher with a key length of 128 bits (such as AES※3) and is capable of switching the encryption algorithm when a vulnerability is detected in the scrambling system.
Maintenance and improvement of security
We are developing a downloadable CAS that can be updated by making secure downloads to the receiver through broadcasting and communication links, with the aim of maintaining and improving the security of CAS. The content rights protection systems (RMP※4) and conditional access systems operating on the downloadable CAS protect 8K SHV programs.

Future plans

We will standardize this as a conditional access system for 8K Super Hi-Vision broadcasting and put it to practical use as the next generation of CAS technology.

Advanced CAS overview

Advanced CAS overview

  • ※1CAS: Conditional Access System
  • ※1MMT: MPEG Media Transport
  • ※1AES: Advanced Encryption Standard
  • ※1RMP: Rights Management and Protection