Super Hi-Vision

Super Hi-Vision HEVC Real-time Encoder

We are researching high-efficiency video coding tools for compressing and transmitting Super Hi-Vision video. We have developed the world's first Super Hi-Vision real-time encoder with the new video coding scheme MPEG-H HEVC/H.265※1.


●New video coding scheme: HEVC
HEVC is a new video coding scheme which is being standardized in 2013. This scheme achieves approximately twice the compression performance of MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 and supports resolutions and frame rates up to those of Super Hi-Vision video.
●Real-time encoding Super Hi-Vision video
Super Hi-Vision video signals are spatially divided into 17 parts, and each part is encoded in parallel with the equipment.
●High-efficiency and high-quality encoding
High-efficiency and high-quality encoding is achieved by selecting the best of various encoding modes and by performing flexible block partitioning prescribed by the HEVC scheme depending on the input video characteristics and encoding settings.

In the works

We are working on adding signal multiplexing and transmission processing parts to this equipment and are developing a Super Hi-Vision codec incorporating the HEVC scheme.

  • ●This research is being conducted in cooperation with Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.

Real-time encoder specifications

Video coding scheme HEVC (WD4※2-compliant)
Equivalent to Main 10 profile at level 6.1
Input/output resolution and frame rate 7680×4320/60P
Chroma format 4:2:0
Input/output and encoding bit depth 10 bit
Input/output interface 3G-SDI×17
Video output Local decoded video
Maximum bit rate 340 Mbps
  • ※1 MPEG-H HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) /H.265: A video coding scheme standardized by collaboration between ISO/IEC and ITU.
  • ※2 WD (Working Draft) 4: Working Draft version 4 of the HEVC standardization, issued in July 2011.

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