T2 Immersive Media

Undersea Photography VR

Capture a moment of 360-degree video!


STRL is developing VR content linked to TV programs and events. Enjoy an interactive VR experience, taking photos of fish in the sea with an underwater cameraman.

Capture a moment of 360-degree video

STRL is investigating ways to make our Future Vision a reality. This interactive system lets viewers watch 360-degree video and press a button when they see something exciting to capture the moment in a photograph.

Available on multiple devices

As well as a head-mounted display, a tablet version is also available for young children. The UI*1 has been specially designed to allow people of all ages to enjoy this interactive VR experience.

  • UI (User Interface): The way the device controls information presented to the user depending on how the user touches the panel or the angular velocity detected by the built-in gyro sensor inside the tablet.