T1 Immersive Media

The Future of Content as Envisioned by Immersive Media

Experience the next generation of live entertainment!


This exhibit presents an experience-based concept of immersive media, showing how the world of content will expand with large-screen displays, AR (Augmented Reality) glasses, and VR (Virtual Reality) goggles. Visitors can experience immersive, interactive content with family and friends.

Immersive content surrounds you with powerful images and sounds

As a concept of the next generation of live entertainment, take part in an immersive experience with friends and family that is so realistic that it feels like stepping right into the content by watching an immersive display or from inside a self-driving car, showcasing what content might be like in the future.

A choice of ways to enjoy interactive content

Get up close to an artist or relax and look down at the scene from above. This exhibit shows the possibilities of interactive content with a choice of different ways to enjoy it. Experience the difference in sound depending on which viewing style is chosen.

Media that connects people via content

Immersive media can connect people via content, deepening communication by providing new experiences. Imagine that many other people not only at this venue but elsewhere are also enjoying the same live entertainment with their family and friends.