9 Immersive Media Short term

Scene-Adaptive Imaging Technology

New image sensor allowing resolution and frame rate to be set for each area


STRL is researching imaging technology that will enable images to be captured with different imaging conditions depending on the scene, to produce 360-degree video involving objects with different motion or brightness on the same screen. This technology instantly analyzes images and changes the image sensor frame rate or resolution for each area.

Outline of scene-adaptive imaging technology

Area control image sensor

STRL has developed an image sensor that splits up the imaging area into 272 control blocks and allows different resolutions and frame rates to be set for each control block. Combined with scene information analysis technology, this will allow each scene to be shot under the optimum imaging conditions.

Scene information analysis technology

By analyzing video images in real time, the system automatically determines the optimum conditions for each control block and immediately feeds back the results to the image sensor.

[Future plans]

STRL will increase the resolution of the image sensor and develop a scene-adaptive imaging system that can capture video images at a practical level of resolution by 2024.

Part of this research is being jointly conducted with Shizuoka University.