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Advanced Terrestrial Broadcasting

High-quality and multi-functional broadcast services using the latest video/audio coding, master control system and transmission technologies


STRL is pursuing research towards the next generation of Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting (DTB). The new terrestrial broadcasting system shown here uses the latest video/audio coding, master control system and transmission technologies, that the standardization is currently in progress in Japan.

New terrestrial broadcasting system using latest technologies

Services can be customized for the viewer’s preferences and viewing device

The latest video- and audio-coding technologies allow viewing services to be customized for individual preferences, including 8K services combining 4K broadcast and broadband, or services allowing sports fans to watch a game from the perspective of their favorite team by selecting sub-content video and audio objects.

Software-based master control system

Program-control functions are built using software on a general-purpose server, which saves space and means specialized hardware is not required. The software-based system also improves scalability and will contribute to BCP*1 by placing some or all functions on the cloud.

High-efficiency transmission technology

The latest transmission technology can achieve 1.7 times the transmission capacity of existing DTB. It will also be possible to transmit two 4K programs (suitable for fixed reception) and two 2K programs (suitable for mobile reception) on a single channel, helping to improve broadcasting services and achieve efficient use of frequency.

[Future plans]

Focusing on the benefits to viewers as the top priority, STRL will investigate specific measures in order to successfully migrate to next-generation DTB, enabling efficient use of frequency as well as high quality and multi-functionality.

Part of this research was conducted as part of the “Study on technical measures for effective utilization of broadcasting frequencies” for the Technical Examination Services Concerning Frequency Crowding of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

  • BCP: Business Continuity Planning