3 Universal Services Short term

Web-Based Broadcast Media
③ Cloud Native Delivery Platform Technology

Aiming to achieve reliable and low-latency content delivery


STRL is researching cloud-native delivery platform technology to reliably and efficiently provide online video-delivery services to meet diverse needs. Providing various linear channels*1 and low-latency delivery technology will help achieve a better content-viewing experience.

Cloud-native delivery platform to provide a better viewing experience for various content

Efficient stream-generation/delivery technology to provide diverse linear channel

Based on real-time programs from various stations and recorded programs, a delivery stream is generated for each program. By combining programs as necessary to suit the viewer’s preferences and viewing location, diverse linear channels will be efficiently provided.

Low-latency delivery technology to quickly and reliably deliver the information the user needs

Delivery-quality control cooperating the viewing terminal and delivery server, plus the latest web technology (such as WebTransport*2), will enable low-latency live streaming services with stability similar to broadcasting.

Cloud-native event-driven architecture

Services will be provided efficiently by only using the required computing resources for the required amount of time, according to the requirement of each service.

[Future plans]

STRL is working on technical verification and practical application of some functions, aiming to achieve a cloud-native delivery platform by around 2025.

  • Linear channel: A service for online delivery of live programs and recorded programs in real time according to a program schedule, just like broadcast media.
  • WebTransport: A Web API enabling low-latency bidirectional communication between a web client and server. Specifications are currently under development by the web standardization organization W3C (the World Wide Web Consortium).