2 Universal Services Short term

Web-Based Broadcast Media
② Cooperation and Processing Technology of Content and Data

Towards providing reliable and useful content


In this exhibition, we show technologies to facilitate the collaboration of data from inside and outside broadcast station and to provide users with reliable and useful content, by data description of content-related information and associated reliability information, knowledge related to content, and users’ personal data in a form that can be interpreted by software.

Data collaboration for enriched services

Knowledge graph to provide enriched learning

Lifelong learning is an important topic these days. Focusing on the idea of “learning,” STRL is researching ways to generate knowledge graph to systematically structure the semantic relationships between words included in educational content. By using knowledge graph, users will be able to find related content and expand their interests.

PDS*1 to allow users to manage and utilize their personal data

By storing various personal data, such as viewing data, in a PDS managed by the user themselves, it will be possible to provide personalized services tailored to each user’s individual history while also ensuring transparency of data management and utilization.

Content provenance presenting technology to ensure the reliability of content

There is a lot of unreliable content, such as fake news, on the internet. Attaching provenance information to content will help users determine whether the content is provided by a reliable source.

[Future plans]

STRL is formulating the specifications and verifying how the system will link to external data so that it can be applied to various services by broadcast station or others from around 2025.

  • PDS: Personal Data Store. A system allowing users to store, manage, and utilize their personal data from various services.