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Display Technologies for Immersive Content Experiences

Aiming for stretchable and deformable displays


STRL is conducting research into stretchable displays that can be deformed into different shapes, allowing users to enjoy realistic and immersive content anytime and anywhere. This exhibit shows stretchable display and quantum-dot*1 LEDs*2 to produce vibrantly colored displays.

Image of a deformable display


STRL has developed a stretchable LED*2 display using a flexible rubber-based substrate. Pixels are connected with stretchable wiring that can expand and contract freely, so it can be formed into different shapes, such as a dome, or wearable displays to show images on the skin.

Quantum-Dot Light-Emitting Diodes (QD-LEDs) with vibrant colors

Quantum dots are semiconductor crystals in particle form. They can be applied like ink and have potential as a light-emitting material with high color purity. By improving the material composition and device structure using a new quantum-dot material that does not contain toxic cadmium, STRL has developed vivid red, green, and blue QD-LEDs that will be effective in producing displays with a wide color gamut.

[Future plans]

STRL will produce a prototype with ultra-high definition and high image quality by around 2025, to be put into practical use by 2030.

Part of the research into stretchable-display is being jointly conducted with Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd. and System & Application laboratories. Inc.

Part of the research into QD-LEDs is being jointly conducted with Osaka University and Nagoya University.

  • Quantum dot: Semiconductor materials on a nano scale. Light is emitted by irradiation or charge injection. The color of light emitted depends on the particle diameter.
  • LED: Light Emitting Diode. A semiconductor device that emits light when electric current flows.