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Approach to ELSI Toward Realization of People-Friendly Society

Promoting research with ELSI in mind


In order to channel research results back to society in a desirable form, as well as investigating technical issues, ELSI*1 (Ethical, Legal and Social Issues) must also be taken into consideration. This exhibit shows STRL’s approach to these issues in research, development and practical application of new technologies.

Promoting research with ELSI in mind

Formulating a handbook to promote research with ELSI in mind

New technologies help to make our lives more convenient, but sometimes they may have unexpected effects on people or society. STRL is formulating an ELSI Handbook to give guidance about how research work should be conducted, based on the idea of “ELSI by design” (being aware of ELSI from the research planning stage).

Survey of diverse users about media usage and awareness

To ensure the contents of the ELSI Handbook are in line with users’ media usage and awareness, STRL conducted a survey of a diverse range of users, including people with disabilities and LGBTQ+ people. The survey asked users what they feel concerned or uncomfortable about in their everyday use of media, and how they want content to be. The results of this survey will be reflected in the contents of the Handbook.

Raising awareness of ELSI and human resource development

STRL holds in-house seminars on topics such as gender, law, risk, ethics, and public interest, in order to raise awareness of ELSI among researchers. Attendees discussed the significance of addressing ELSI, found out about the latest trends, and learned the necessary specialized knowledge.

[Future plans]

As well as continuing work on the ELSI Handbook, STRL will promote research and development towards creating a people-friendly society through dialogue with users and collaboration with external organizations.

This research is being jointly conducted with the NHK Broadcasting Culture Research Institute, Osaka University, and Tsukuba University of Technology.

  • ELSI: Ethical, Legal and Social Issues