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Web-Based Broadcast Media
① Content Viewing Application Technology

Technology to deliver content to all viewers


With web-based broadcast media, content is delivered via various forms of applications depending on the situation and purpose, regardless of the transmission route (broadcast or internet). STRL is researching ways for applications to use content-related data, personal data, and external data to enable users to receive the information they want or need to know in simple and easy ways to suit the situation.

Delivering familiar broadcasts to more people, in more convenient ways

STRL has developed “content discovery technology” that uses content delivery status data to automatically determine the acquisition point of the desired content to suit the device and receiving environment. This will make it easy to view content provided by broadcast and internet transmission, no matter what viewing device is used.

Expanding broadcast services to living spaces and virtual spaces

Combining personal data stores with various smart devices or IoT-enabled devices in the home will enable users to come into contact with broadcast services in more ways in daily life. This exhibit envisions a future where users can seamlessly enjoy real and virtual content by providing broadcast services with no gap between the real space and the metaverse.

[Future plans]

Web-based broadcast media is a technical concept spanning a wide perspective, from the present internet environment to a future with more advanced technologies like IoT and data processing. Assuming that it will be implemented step by step starting with the basic functions, STRL will first work with broadcasters and manufacturers on verification of the initial stage.

This research is being conducted in cooperation with Nippon Television Network Corporation, TV Asahi Corporation, Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc., TV Tokyo Corporation, Fuji Television Network, Inc., Tokyo Metropolitan Television Broadcasting Corporation, Mainichi Broadcasting System, Inc., Asahi Television Broadcasting Corporation, Kansai Television Co. Ltd., Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation, Television Osaka, Inc., TVS REGZA Corporation, LG Japan Lab Inc., IPG, Inc., M Data Co.,Ltd., ACCESS CO., LTD., and ALPS ALPINE CO., LTD.