Lab Talk

Video summarization and extraction of thumbnail images using AI

Giving viewers a quick preview of a TV program

MAEZAWA Momoko, Smart Production Research Division

MOCHIZUKI Takahiro, Smart Production Research Division

Online content enabling viewers to quickly see what a TV program is about, in the form of summary videos shared on the program’s website or on social media, is increasingly important. To support the production work of online content, STRL is developing technology to automatically summarize program video using AI, and technology to extract possible images to be used as thumbnails. These two technologies, showcased here, could boost Internet deployments of various TV programs.

A word from our presenter

AI is being used in many different aspects of daily life. STRL is developing AI technologies to support the production of online content. Enhanced online content will give viewers more choice, save time, and could help people find new favorite programs.
NHK makes TV programs of all genres, with so many programs worth watching. NHK's ongoing research will further enhance online content to help people find out about as many TV programs as possible.

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