Thank you for your ongoing support of NHK.

NHK Science & Technology Research Laboratories (STRL) was established in 1930 in Kinuta, Setagaya Ward, Tokyo, as a research center specializing in broadcast technology, in order to provide viewers with a wide range of broadcasting services. Over the years, STRL has driven research and development and brought many technologies to practical application. This year marks 70 years of television broadcasting and 20 years of Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting (DTB).

STRL Open House, when we showcase our latest research results to viewers and industry experts, is held annually around June 1, the anniversary of STRL’s establishment. We were not able to open our doors to visitors during the COVID-19 pandemic, so this year’s STRL Open House 2023 will be our first fully in-person event in four years. Anyone is welcome to attend, with no advance booking required.

STRL’s objectives and direction are set out in our “Future Vision 2030–2040” and we are pursuing research and development in three areas to make this happen: Immersive Media, Universal Services, and Frontier Science. The theme for STRL Open House 2023 is Empowering the media, creating the future. We are showcasing our latest research and development results, including technologies for various transmission routes and display devices, technology to improve accessibility, production technology for immersive content, and fundamental research into AI-driven technologies, imaging/display technologies, and more.

The world of broadcast media is changing rapidly. In such times of change, STRL will strike a balance between developing cutting-edge technologies to contribute to content production and engaging in medium- to long-term research to achieve our Future Vision. I hope you will come to STRL Open House 2023 to see STRL’s work for yourself. We look forward to your continued support.

May 2023
IMAI Toru, Director, NHK STRL