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Medium to long term

Web-Based Broadcast Media

Toward Realisation of "Human-Centred Media"


“Web-Based Broadcasting Media” is a technology platform that integrates broadcasting with a Web platform to convey information to everyone, regardless of individual differences and environment.

We developed “viewing application technology,” one of the key components of the framework.

Technologies forming Web-Based Broadcast Media


Viewing application technology includes

  • “Content discovery” using content delivery information to automatically determine the appropriate delivery path for obtaining the desired content suited to the device and receiving environment.
  • “Context-adaptive presentation” collecting IoT sensor data into a personal data store (PDS), estimating the user context, sharing the context with smart/IoT devices, and providing content according to the context.

Future plans

Web-Based Broadcast Media is a wide-ranging concept, from the current environment to a future with advanced technologies. We will work with broadcasters and manufacturers on early verification.