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Short term

Personalised Broadcasting Experiences

Content Layering and NGA Technologies


Content layering and Next-Generation Audio (NGA) technologies enable personalised services through customisation based on individual preferences, including switching from video content and audio objects to alternative ones at the same time.

Example of personalised experiences (music content)


  • VVC multilayer coding technology enables content layering that efficiently compresses main content and sub-content. It is possible for viewers to select their preferable content on the receiving side.
  • The NGA system, in compliance with MPEG-H 3D Audio Baseline profile level 4, enables the transmission of multiple audio objects that consist of up to 56 audio channels. Viewers can select a set of audio objects that consist of up to 28 audio channels.

Future plans

Focusing on benefits to viewers as the top priority, we will work on new applications for personalised experiences by using content layering and NGA technologies.