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In practical use

Gamut Rings

Standard for Visualising Colour Gamut


A colour gamut has traditionally been represented by the area of a triangle, the vertices of which represent the chromaticity coordinates of the display RGB primaries. However, this areal metric does not agree with the CIE definition of a colour gamut because it lacks the critical third dimension of colour: lightness. Hence, the area is referred to as a chromaticity gamut.

To visualise the 3D colour gamut more intuitively, a new method, called Gamut Rings, was developed for expressing true colour capability by presenting lightness, chroma, and hue in a 2D diagram.

Chromaticity gamut, Gamut Rings


Gamut Rings were adopted as industry and international standards:

  • SID/ICDM, Information Display Measurements Standard v1.2, 2023
  • IEC 62977-3-5:2023, Evaluation of Optical Performance – Colour Capabilities
  • IEC 62977-2-1:2021, Electronic Displays – Part 2-1: Measurements of Optical Characteristics – Fundamental Measurements
  • CIE 246:2021, Colour Gamuts for Output Media