VVC/H.266 Multi-layer Coding Technologies
for Advanced Broadcasting Services

NHK has developed a real-time Versatile Video Coding (VVC*) decoder that supports multi-layer coding for efficient compression of multiple videos. This multi-layer coding is suitable for video distribution on various home and personal devices, such as TVs, tablets, smartphones, and so on.

Three-layered coding

* ISO/IEC 23090-3| Rec. ITU-T H.266


The technologies can provide video services for personalized viewing styles within a limited transmission bandwidth.


While transmitting a video separately for each viewing style is inefficient, broadcasting services for diverse viewing environments can be efficiently transmitted using multi-layer coding technology.


Specification of the developed VVC decoder
Codec VVC (ISO/IEC 23090-3 | Rec. ITU-T H.266)
Profile Main 10, Multilayer Main 10
Max level 6.3
Max number of layers 3 Layers
Input Format CMAF(ISO/IEC 23000-19) on MMT(ISO/IEC 23008-1)
Output Format (Typical use case) Display resolution: 1080p, 2160p, 4320p
Frame rate [Hz]: 59.94, 60, 119.88, 120